Added Safety Measures 

In response to Covid-19 we implemented enhanced safety measures next to our already existing stringent food safety practices

to ensure ongoing focus for safety to our guests, customers, employees and partners. 

Masks and Gloves

Our Employees must wear face masks and gloves at all time. 


Increased Sanitizing 

All areas and products must be sanitized according to the type of area/product prior to use.


Increased Hand Washing Frequency
Employees must increase their hand washing throughout the day and ensure the 20 second rule while washing their hands thoroughly with soap. Additional Hand Sanitizers are deployed throughout all working areas.


Coffing or Sneezing - Cover up
When Coffing or sneezing employees must cover up and/or use their arm and immediately wash (soap and water) and/or sanitize hands.


Social Distancing
Employees will have to maintain at least six feet distance from each other at all times as well as from guests, customers, and partners. 


Added Temperature Checks
Employees must receive a minimum of two temperature checks daily.  The first temperature check is conducted upon arrival to the premises, with a secondary following within the next ten minutes.


Ongoing Safety Checks
We are conducting ongoing and enhanced safety briefings and checks throughout the day to ensure employees, and other individuals follow our implemented enhanced safety measures.




Added curbside pickup and delivery safety measures




Food items will be packaged individually and safe for transport and delivery.


Safe Curbside Pickup

We will ensure a safe curbside pickup for our patrons.


Delivery is Contactless

All meals will be delivered contactless to ensure safety.

Tip: Arrange for delivery when someone is at home so food can be refrigerated quickly instead of being left outside until someone is at home. 




Your safety is very important to us.  Please contact us if you have any questions at

(212) 406-1200

109 Washington Street

New York, NY-10006

Conveniently located in the Financial District NYC. Close to public transportation.

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